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It has been said that diamonds are a lady’s best friend. Yes! I concur. Aside gold accessories, we ladies love blings alot that we wear them virtually on every part of our body. Rhinestones, chains, studs,  name it!

Talking about rhinestones, these have crept into the nail art such that a lady would gladly and confidently shake hands with a guy, since she knows that her nails are cute. It becomes embarrassing when in a bid to shake hands with that guy, your beautiful nails fall off, or the rhinestones on them fall too. Thus, making those rhinestones last longer on your nails is my utmost concern.

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These are the best ways to make rhinestones on nails last longer;

1.Nail Glue: Begin by applying a small dot of glue to your polished nail and adhere your rhinestones. Hold it in place with tweezers so it doesn’t slip around on the nail while waiting for the glue to dry. Try a quick dry glue, then apply top coat over the entire nail. 

3.Gel Polish: After your second coat of gel polish dries up, attach rhinestones to nails.This has a sticky layer, which will help keep your studs from slipping. Then apply gel top coat over the entire nail. Using your nail polish brush, apply gel in and around the  stones as well as on top of them with another coat and let it dry properly.

3.Top Coating:  Simply apply two coats of nail polish and let them dry completely. After this, apply a fairly thick layer of top coat and attach the rhinestones to your nails. Follow with another layer of top coat over the rhinestones and all. This is the simplest of all methods.

All these give your rhinestones some staying power.

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