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Makeup is one skill virtually every girl is beginning to acquire, such that it has become so lucrative. Apart from being very lucrative, it gives a lady joy to see herself doing her makeup, all by herself. There are times it seems like we just aren’t in the mood of going on full makeup or we just care less about it. There have also been times it seemed like one of our makeup items such as foundation got finished, with a lot of us not being used to making up without foundation.

You would certainly want to imagine how horrible your face would be without having a base to hide or conceal those scary pimples and probably dark spots all over your face, especially if it’s a night makeup. Majority of us actually feel we are a bit scary with a face not properly covered with makeup.

Well, makeup without foundation is actually possible. Besides, there are certain compacts that you can use without having to apply foundation on your face yet, your face would still look extremely beautiful. Aside having a reasonable compact, there are equally ways you can slay that face without foundation, and one of them is being taught by Loveglam.

Face without foundation

Hello World

Therefore, Loveglam uses this medium to say it is absolutely possible to rock that face without foundation and still appear as beautiful as can be hence, the need to concentrate and master the art of makeup being taught here.

Watch this video on how to slay your face without foundation;

Source: Loveglam


Of course, anything is possible if only you get absolutely focused on it. Slaying that face without foundation has been made possible!

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