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Thank goodness! We are already in the middle of the week and I am quite convinced a lot of us out there are battling with the heat. Little wonder some comedians would say that mermaids are having a nice time in the seas. Unfortunately, you can’t choose being a mermaid as an option here, even if you decide to cool off around beaches or swimming pools. Some of us if given the opportunity, would even want to go naked all day; also not an option.

We ladies are also not finding it funny when it comes to the skin; the recent weather condition is bound to bring about different skin abnormalities such as rashes, acne, eczema, name it, notwithstanding, I’ve got good news for you. You know what that is? Simply put, it is the ‘Super Skin Care Tips for the Hot Weather’.



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Besides eating right, following a nice beauty routine such as face wash, use of sunscreen and moisturizing products are needed this time. Here are some friendly and mild products you can trust to help you keep your cool in this weather;

1.Cleansing comes first. Doing this at least twice daily is the  important skin care routine you can ever think of as a lady. This equally goes a long way to relax your nerves and helps prevent a build up of sweat .

2. Moderate application of water based moisturizers are equally important here thus, slight or very mild skin care    products in this category would do.

3. Seriously, perspiration can cause skin issues hence, you may also think of going more natural. One way to keep the skin healthy is by treating from the inside thus, hydration is needed.  Replenish lost body fluids by taking a lot of water this season.

4. Also,the banana, coconut oil and natural honey are good home remedies for your skin;


Trust me, with these simple but super tips, you are good to go.

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