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Every year from 2012 the perfume world has seen a surge of perfumes, different types of fragrance grace the markets leaving buyers in confusion of which fragrance they like better. Because of the slew of perfumes been brought out its really difficult to find that unique smell everything has a floral scent this days; anyways that’s why we’ve decided to help with the choices you would possibly have to make when it comes to buying perfumes this season, that said if you want something that smells like the rain or something that would give you that uniqueness and difference you’ve been looking for then here is a guide simply scroll down to see the perfumes available;

1. Narciso Rodriguez $98

The Narciso perfume has an amazing smell, the smell comprises of an intense floral and soft woods, skin-like musk scent. It hits you with an earthy but sexy scent but it doesn’t make you loose it for a second rather its calm and you have to love the bottle, its quite a site.

 Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez

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2. Bulgari Omnia Pariba $68

The Bulgari Omnia Pariba makes you fantasize about tropical destination, it would make you want to escape to the beach, the Bulgari Omnia Pariba has vetiver and cocoa bean that allows the scent soften and settle into a powdery woody sensation.

Bulgari Omnia Pariba

Bulgari Omnia Pariba

3.Nicki Minaj The PinkPrint $37.50

Many nicki minaj fans just want to see what the bottle of her new fragrance would be like but ignoring the insides would be the wrong move as this new pink print perfume proves. This time the blend is made of coconut, sweet citrus and fragipani. The tropical vibes on the Pinkprint is very strong.

Nicki Minaj The PinkPrint

Nicki Minaj The PinkPrint

4. Sabe Masson Soft Perfumes $25

This new brand of solid perfume created by Isabelle “Sabe” Masson is highly concentrated unlike a lot of other solid perfumes which don’t smell as much as it should. This brand is highly concentrated with a blend of butter(taire, mango,shea) and oil to help the fragrance blend and stay on the skin.

Sabe Masson Soft Perfumes

Sabe Masson Soft Perfumes

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After reading the review which one of these perfumes are you dying to try out?

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