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Bags are objects of desire, not just for supermodels, but for working women from all walks of life. They’ve become a unique outward statement of a woman’s status and fashion savvy. As girls, ladies and women leaving the home, either for leisure or work, bags became a useful way of carrying their possessions. Bags remain an accessory that is still very closely associated with all of our most intimate possessions.

A bag contains our survival kit for daily life in the urban jungle – from make-up, money, mobile phone, tampons and keys, to laptops, chewing gum, condoms or a change of clothes. The way the right bag can make us feel goes far deeper than just being a way of carrying things around. So, when it comes to the difficult decision of which style is right for you, why not let your zodiac sign do the work for you. With different styling of bags, let your zodiac sign work for you with our list of the best handbags for your zodiac sign.

  • CANCER: You’re the most loyal friend in your girl squad, and need a genuine-leather tote you can trust that’s going to stick with you for years and years.


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  • LEO: You need a playful purse that’s cheeky enough for date night but still practical enough for weekend casual walks.


  • VIRGO: You value organization and never let anything get in the way of business. You need a bag that’s sturdy and work-appropriate for your day-to-day use.


  • LIBRA: Thoughtful Libras may have trouble deciding between a structured top-handle versus a cute crossbody but a bag just in between works well for them.


  • SCORPIO: You like to keep things honest and simple. A sleek black crossbody will never let you down


  • SAGITTARIUS: An elegant leather backpack can help with your adventurous spirit and your yearning for change.


  • CAPRICORN: You need a handbag that is sophisticated and yet still as classic and timeless as you.


  • AQUARIUS: Pick a handbag that’s toned down and in a color that keeps you calm as you shy away from extravagance.


  • PISCES: You were born for the life aquatic, good-natured Pisces, just like a beach bag.


  • ARIES: You need a purse that can keep up with your energy and determination to meet every deadline in your busy schedule.


  • TAURUS: A soft leather drawstring tote has all the traits you look for in all aspects of your life and can last you for years.


  • GEMINI: Keep up with your dual personality with a leather hobo in a pop of colour for your everyday use and the life of the party as you are.


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