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Corporate wear has come a long way, from the strict skirt suit of the 50’s/60’s to the pant suits of the 90’s the dress code’s for each work environment have been known to change quite a lot over time and this millennium is no different. In short we seem to be breaking more corporate wear rules than in the past decades.

As part of the change from the new age, many work environment have become more lenient with their rules, given way to more personal touches. Even though many organisations like banks and law firms still uphold a certain look, there are still ways you can personalize your uniform look without heading to HR. Also, there are more colours allowed in these working environments depending on the department you find yourself. Many of these organisation have added more cools to their former bland uniform palette and thus , making the lives of their staff’s a lot brighter.

This week, we are here again to challenge the clothing norm of this work environments. We have elaborate and exaggerated pieces that puts personality into each corporate wear, we also like how fashion forward each of these looks are. If you are thinking – but am a simple girl, know that some of the looks in the guide book below are quite the minimalist guide so not to worry there is something for you and everyone else.

Now, it’s time to look at the corporate wears in the guide book below…

Corporate Wear | GuideūüĒ•Book


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