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Twins are a source of endless fascination, and there are more of them now than ever before. As a culture, we enforce a magical quality onto their existence, which can have little bearing on the hard facts of raising them. That aside, having twins comes with great joy.

Nowadays we admire this beautiful gift of nature, such that we imitate their nature through our outfits. It’s not unusual to see parents and kids in the same outfit. As parents, dressing your kid up to look like you is something you must have dreamed of, perhaps you enjoyed it when you were a  mini-me of your mum and thus you want to make a junior you as well.

Imitating a fashion which you appreciate and think it’s best to rock for a better form of identity isn’t a terrible idea, however the question on everyone’s mind at this point is; How do you achieve this? It’s simply, the answer is with the Ankara material.

Ankara outfits are on the lips and in the wardrobe of every Nigerian and that is why you should see these parents and kids Ankara styles as its definitely an inspiration;


Hello World

Miss Goldilocks

Mrs Cookey

Mother and daughter 3

Mother and daughter 2

Mother and daughter

Ankara styles for parents and kids will definitely be fun while rocking them!

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