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Every woman is expected to have a sense of style peculiar to her because it is not every outfit that’s made to suit you. In a quest to achieve a lovely set of outfits in your wardrob, there are some basic wardrobe staples that makes dressing up so much fun and much more easier.

These basic wardrobe staples are the foundation of every wardrobe. This is the same with building up a lovely collection of Ankara outfits; there are some basic Ankara staples you should have in your wardrobe. So here are your Ankara staples checklist;

Ankara Pencil Skirt: Ankara pencil skirts are very versatile wardrobe staple anyone should have. They come in handy at anytime and have the ability to save the day whenever you are not sure of what to wear and you want something nice and colourful. Whether mini or midi, pencil skirt has got you covered.


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Ankara pencil skirt

Ankara Pants: There is nothing as freeing as pants and when it comes to Ankara pants it gives you two advantages; you get to move around as easily as possible and you get to look elegant while doing so.


Ankara pants

Ankara Flare Midi Skirt: Ankara flare midi skirts are lovely outfits because they are easy to dress up and quite comfy. They can also be a great choice when you are not in the mood for a dress or trouser.

Ankara flared midi skirt

Ankara Tops: Ankara tops without necessarily having same fabric skirts can also save the day at anytime. They are also a very versatile piece which will never fail to bring out the feminine side of you. Ankara tops come in various styles such as peplum tops, flare tops, straight tops, just name it. This shows that that they are a very versatile wardrobe staple anyone should have.

basic1Ankara peplum top

Iro and Buba: A lady’s wardrobe is not complete without Iro and buba to save the day at the needed time. Iro and buba is a traditional outfit for Yoruba people and it can be worn for any occasion. It is one outfit that can come in handy for that ‘’owanbe’’ party you are planning and you have no idea of what to wear.


Ankara iro and buba

Ankara Maxi Skirt: The Ankara maxi skirt is a trending piece and apart from that, they are very adorable piece which never fail to have lovely effect on the wearer as a result of the folds it shows. it is easy to style and flatters people of different shapes and sizes.


Ankara maxi skirt

Ankara Jacket: Have you ever thought of a work day where you get to forsake your pants and suits for a day and still look dazzlingly confident in your Ankara corporate wear, well, Ankara jackets are there to suit that purpose. Ankara jackets are lovely and vibrant wears.


Ankara jacket

Ankara Short Gowns: Ankara short gowns are the perfect option for your ”dress” days. They come in handy at any time because they are easy to wear and dress up and yet make look stylish at the same time. They are a must have for any lady.


Short Ankara dress

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