After we have combined and blended our colors, this is the icing on the ‘cake’, ACCESSORIES! The right accessory for your combination will make or mar all the effort you’ve put in combining your outfit. Imagine a Christmas Tree without the balls and the lights, its bare!

That’s the way your combination is without accessories. The right accessory to complement you clothing and your style is however very crucial. You can’t go overboard that is, your accessories shouldn’t be bogus or too loud when you wear some kind of clothes and you can’t be too simple when you need to make a louder statement with your accessories.

Hello World


Accessories varies, as simple and usual as earrings are, they make a statement. Wrist watches ,neck pieces, chains, bangles, rings and anklets, hand chains etc are different forms of accessories. Yes, we probably get to wear wrist watches on a daily basis, but you can’t wear some kinds of wristwatch when you are dressed in traditional wear. In fact, in full traditional wear, for example the Benin traditional wear, the wrist watch isn’t part of the ensemble as everything worn has to do with beads. It would be very inappropriate to put a leather

Gucci on that combination. Get what I mean?
There is elegance in simplicity especially when the occasion does not call for a large statement in your dress sense. I simple choker would go a long way on a simple dress. highlighting the beauty of your neck. There is a certain grace when you’re comfortable with your outfit .Bangles isn’t a common trend, but it’s beauty and the attention it calls to your hand cannot be over emphasized. The whole idea about fashion is to wear what makes you comfortable, smart and CHIC!.

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