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The work place is strictly for business and as is part of business, every member of the organisation and work environment should dress respectable, properly and responsible (Now you get why they say “Looking good is good business”). Unlike 5 years ago we’ve entered a new era when things are done differently, as opposed to just looking neat, this days you are accorded respect when you are stylishly dressed.

This days deciphering what to wear to work has become a norm, the days of uniformed dressing is gradually coming to a slow end with the new and brooding unconventional offices, job descriptions and work environments that are springing up everywhere. Many people have carried out a research and they have found out that a way a person dresses also affects the productivity level at work.

This new change has affected the whole world, Africa, Nigeria included. Many people have now change the way they dress to work and one of the changes we are in-love with is the injection of the Ankara fabric into out everyday life work included. No more is the African print pushed to the curb, thanks to innovative designers, creative style bloggers and enthusiast the African print fabric has become fore-front and center of the average African woman’s life.

People have turned this gorgeous African print fabric into a life staple, it has become a political statement of sorts and we are here to dish out the amazing and breath taking styles that have come out off this new-sphere (New atmosphere), so join in on the change don’t let the wave kick you aside.

Below are some cool, simple and chic styles that style influncers think is best for work, so take note as you scroll down to view this styles;



Hello World





There’s should be no doubt in your mind right now, this Ankara styles made from the African print can be rocked anywhere and that’s including your work place. so join in the Ankara corporate style trend and don’t be left out.

What do you think of the Ankara corporate style trend everyone is following, would you join in? Leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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