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So I apologize for not sharing these hairstyles sooner, I mean I know apologizing might sound like I was hoarding these 6 best hairstyles – which I probably was, anyways I am very willing to share them with you because, my conscience wouldn’t allow me keep them all to myself. I’ve  committed to bringing you the best options daily whether it’s lifestyle or hairstyle or even tips that you need for goof living and today we are going to get down to talking about 6 best hairstyles you would probably see all week.

A black woman equals (=) her hair; having a thicker textured hair comes with a lot of work literally but it’s fun because we can try out different hairstyles and literally do whatever we please, this fact is one of the reasons why you find many black women looking different every two weeks (some people do a 0ne week or 1 month mark). There are of cause some people who love to look the same, or at least have the one hairstyle for a period longer than a month e.g Gabrielle Union they call this their signature look (yes Uche, am talking about you here), usually these people make the same hairstyles and/or stick to the same wig, however whats fun about the black women hair is it’s thickness and so when you have such beauty why not try all that you can?

In the spirit of trying all you can, here’s a look at 6 best hairstyles that we’ve collected. These hairstyles would surely motivate the next look you would want…

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