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My mum has been a naturalista for years, but about a few years back she started adding chemicals to her hair that not only damaged her hair but made it really hard and tough, the worst part is the fact that our atmosphere cannot accommodate the texture of our hair so we always have to look for solutions but did you know that a lot of things you do that secretly ruins your hair? Want to find out? Keep reading;


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  1. Under-Conditioning

Conditioning is an important part of taking proper care of your hair, this is the number one cause of damages, dryness and breakage. about 53% of women do not condition with every wash and this should not be the case. Therefore its important to always condition your hair to avoid dryness and breakage.

2. Sleeping With Wet Hair

Washing your hair without drying can cause damage this is due to the fact that wet hair strands are very weak and sensitive. They stretch more easily and break as you change your pillow position. So endeavor to dry your hair before you lay down or have a silk scarf if you can’t resist sleep.

3. Changing Your Hairstyle

Sometimes when we are switching up our hairstyles we tend to yank and pull at our hair leaving spiky strands behind which means we’ve messed our hair up. Rather than yanking and pulling it would be best to de-tangle it using oil and condition as a buffer before re-styling.

This are the 3 things that are secretly ruining your hair…What other unknown things do you think causes hair damage? Let us know by sharing your experiences in the comment box below. You might just help somebody.

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