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The internet went crazy when Kanye’s Fade Music video was premiered on the MTV VMA’s (Video Music Awards). The star of the video Teyana taylor, made men’s eye pop and women’s face green with envy. A few months back Teyana Taylor had made waves on the internet, her man Iman Shupert had helped her put to bed in their home, what made the internet wonder was how quick he got her body back just six days after giving birth.

Post Baby Body

Post Baby Body

Hello World
Fade Video

Fade Video

Now what people saw were just the pictures of her post baby body, they were impressed but not as much as when they saw her pulling dance moves in a banging body, now every woman wants to hit the gym because they’ve realized its not about waist trainers only, you’ve got to put some work into it. The instagram #Teyanataylorgoals is not just about the hashtag it has become something many people want to achieve.

When it comes to working out, there is definitely no messing around, its either you are in or you are out its that’s simple. You want to achieve #teyanatailorgoals and you are still dillydallying, that would no fly because you have to be disciplined, defiant (when it feels like your body can’t handle so much, you should push harder) and Willed, this three attributes would help you achieve your goals.

A good workout should help you work on all your muscles but if you are a beginner then you’ve got to take it slow. Remember when you haven’t exercised for a while or maybe you are fresh off the boat, you should know that your muscles would hurt afterwarsd but it would get better the more you exercise.

Watch this fitness video;

Work It Out Ladies

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