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“Variety is the spice of life”. In other words, doing something different from what you’ve been doing before really pays. That’s why Mackerel stew should be made by you this time. It’s one of the best foods to refuel with if you feel like trying something different from the normal everyday stew.

It is super quick and easy to prepare your Mackerel stew. This is a quick fish stew recipe for a busy night or when you want something different from the everyday stew. If on the other hand you wish to store it in the fridge, you can go ahead and do such.

Make a big batch of this signature roasted stew base, store it in the fridge or freezer and use as needed. Trust me, it will last in the fridge for up to a month. This  will save you so much time and effort when cooking. Here’s what your Mackerel stew with okro and eba looks like;

Mackerel stew with eba

Hello World

The ingredients needed for your Mackerel Stew are as follows;

  • 1 large mackerel (cleaned and cut into steaks)
  • 2 cups stew base
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • 1/3 cup cooking oil (palm or vegetable)
  • Salt

To Prepare, do the following;

  • Just season mackerel with salt and seasoning cubes then set aside
  • Combine stew base with 1-2 cups of water in a pot. Season with cubes and salt, then cover and leave to boil for ten minutes
  • Then add in seasoned mackerel and oil. Simmer covered on medium heat for another five minutes

See these pictures below;

Image 1

Image 2


Fish sauce is ready. Serve over rice or with plain cooked Okro soup and Eba. If you are storing the base in the fridge, store it in ceramic not plastic, it keeps longer this way. Also pour some oil on it to prevent it from molding!

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