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Ads Hey Lovelies Your wardrobe is part of living your best life, imagine opening it and staring into your world of fabulous pieces. You don’t have to have a closet as big as the size of a room, all you need to do is fill up your closet with meaningful…

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Ditch Your Bag & Rock These Pocket-Style Dresses

Hey Divas, There are a lot of things about a woman’s beauty concerns, but on top of the list has got to “clothes”. Buying clothes as a lady has become a hideous task as there are usually so many options to choose from and you also put into consideration, your body shape and…

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7 Fierce Ways To Rock Lady Biba’s Spring Collection

Fashion is life, therefore it moves forward and changes pace and we at fashion police would definitely bring you the latest. This spring collection by lady biba is a gorgeous array of outfits for almost all occasions. This print criss cross semi wrap dress is a perfect dinner time and…

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