coral beads


Ads Hey Lovelies For bride’s to be choosing jewelry is very important just like every other aspect of your wedding plan, your jewelry is very important. As African’s there are certain rules we must follow which of cause is according to our tradition, what we wear is dictated by the…

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Nigerian Weddings: The Edo Tribe

The Edo Tribe is located in the south west part of Nigeria and like many cultures around Africa, the Edo wedding follows a similar route which includes performing the wedding in different stages which are introduction of the families, dowry collection and others. The modern day style of getting married…

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Nigerian Weddings: The Igbo Tribe.

Traditional Weddings are serious business in a lot of African countries, as family is really important especially when it comes to marriage, in some cultures if a woman is not traditionally married it would be assumed that whatever kind of marriage rites she must have performed is null and void….

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