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“He who finds a wife has found a good thing and obtains favour from the lord” Sunny Neji – This excerpt lyrics are from veteran musician Sunny Neji’s evergreen song ‘ORUKA’. Ijezie Emedosi definitely found a good thing in Sylvia  Nwankwo, here’s how they met

From The Bride;

I met my Husband Ijezie Emedosi through his brother that works in the branch I had just been transferred to. His brother, my boss had approached me and asked if I was in a relationship, I was at the time but it was clear to me that I wasn’t going anywhere with that so I told him it depends and he said to me “I have someone for you and he’s serious”. This didn’t even come as a surprise to me because 3 other people had tried to match make me prior and so I just said “Okay no problem, we would see after work” and assumed that would be the end of that. After 4 days he called me again and said “You didn’t tell me if I should give him your number” I was, well feeling some type of way, I didn’t know how to say no seeing the man was my Boss Boss – 6 Levels ahead of my current position and so I just accepted.

So the next day someone called me to say hello etc and at this time I was in my confirmation period; this was a period where I had nothing going on except piles and piles of work, I didn’t even have time for myself, sometimes I would literally sleep in my work clothes that’s how stressed and frustrated I was. And so he would call often and I wouldn’t and couldn’t even pick, I literally saved his number with ‘don’t pick’ or something like that and so one day I finally picked his call and afterward he sent me 1500 naira recharge and that began to happen anytime I picked his call which was seldom by the way.

And so one Saturday, we had gone for promotion at Iyana Ipaja it was so stressful so much so that the sole of my shoes had come off and I had to by a bathroom slippers, this of cause was my confirmation period and after 6 months into the job I didn’t want anything to ruin my receiving a confirmation letter from the bank. Anyways after 6 hours of walking around Iyana Ipaja, at almost 7 his call came in and I was going to go through Festac from Iyana Ipaja to my family house at satellite town and so I asked him to meet up with me at Amuwo and he told me he was in Aja and so I said It would take me about an hour plus to get to Amuwo and so the only way you can see me is if you get to Amuwo before me. My plan was to dismiss him. I was looking scruffy thanks to the work, I had on a long T-shirt with the bank Logo all over it and of cause the bathroom slippers – wasn’t my best look and I didn’t care. Five minutes before I got to Amuwo he called to say he was already there, yes I was very surprised. After that date I broke up with the guy I was with and it was that same time I was confirmed and so I was settled, my mind relaxed and I was picking calls 😊.

Hello World

What attracted me to him was his endurance, imagine waiting for a girl you don’t know anything about for 5 months – you call she doesn’t pick etc. There was even a day we went on a date and I slept off, he had picked me up from work and I was so tired, he allowed me sleep for like 45 minutes, bought me a meal and then took me home. We became very cool friends after that. I had so many men around me with so much luxury and here I was with this young man, average but one who gave me so much peace of mind. Someone who was serious and knew what he wanted.

We began dating almost a year later and last year, 2017 on the 30th of July he proposed, I thought he would propose on my birthday which was in June since he threw me a birthday dinner at Oriental but I felt he wouldn’t as well since he isn’t a public person.

One day, we were at his home gisting and playing a game (“hide & Seek”) he tapped me so I went after him – playing the game and suddenly he locked himself in a room and there I was telling him I must get him back so he must open the door; he was there for like 15 minutes told him I wasn’t going to get him back anymore so we could continue our gist and previous game but he didn’t come out another 15 minutes minute later I became worried, asked if he was okay and he said fine but I wasn’t buying it so I forced the door open and there he was on his knee’s. I thought it was a joke, I Pushed his hands the ring fell and I ran into another room locking the door , I had so much going through my head and then finally I opened the door like 15 minutes later and he said “you have to say yes”. Eventually I said yes and that is the best decision I have taken in my life because the more time passes the more I know we are perfect for each other, what makes it so special is that he is my friend first.

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Photo Credit: Bride (IG Handle – @mz_sylviaa)

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