Harmattan popularly known as the DRY SEASON is my favorite season but somehow it doesn’t favor a lot of people and this is because a number of people do not understand the tips and tricks to navigating the weather. This season is synonymous with dry skin, dust, cracked lips, dry cough etc but you can still enjoy the cold weather without fussing.


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Many other parts of Nigeria are already experiencing the cold weather, except lagos (please, please show up anytime) but it doesn’t matter where you find yourself this tips would certainly help you enjoy this weather.

1. Arm yourself with a lot of Vitamin C as this would help reduce the likelihood of contracting the flu which would come as a result of dust and cold. Vitamins especially Vitamin C helps to fight off the effects that the dust and cold can have on the body.

2. Avoiding burn fires is very important, because everywhere is dry and then you have to monitor whatever you are burning to avoid any fire accidents.

3. Drinking a lot of water is another tip; due to this seasons dryness a lot of us get dhydrated quite easily and that is why we have to make sure we drink any form of healthy liquid throughout the whole day. Drinking water keeps your skin glwoing and it does a lot for your body system.

4. Lip balms are super important because your lips would be cracked and parched from dryness and they need to be moistened. Hand or body moisturizers are also important for nourishment of the skin.

5. The harmattan is known for a bright and sunny yet chill afternoon but it gets even colder during the night therefore make sure you are covered in the Night.

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