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My youngest brother has a fish farm housed in five massive fish tanks. Every now and then, I go to watch the tadpole creatures that have grown in very sizeable numbers.  A few days ago, I visited the tank and saw six skeletal heads of fish. My shock at the sight prompted me to ask the farm manager what had happened to the dead fishes. He responded that the dead fishes were a normal sight especially when there is a fight among the fishes. If any fish gets wounded and bleeds, all the other fishes feed on it. It is like National Geographic television re-lived. Only the strongest and the sharpest fishes survive. The fittest fishes or the ‘fishest’ fight to survive in the fish farm especially when there is limited food.  I also learned that fishes are opportunistic, just like other living creatures. So, if they discover food in any form, they will eat it. It does not matter if the food is a fellow fish, friend or fiend. Weak fishes get eaten up by strong fishes. Only the strongest and ‘fishest’’ survive in my brother’s fish farm.

Who are the ‘Fishest’? The fishest are the fittest fishes who must survive in the shadowy waters of a fish farm. In a recession like the one that Nigerians are currently groaning under, only the fishest survive in a society that is seeing many breadwinners lose their jobs. The fishest take practical steps to avoid unwanted surprises especially now that minimal resources are trickling into household purses. No sharp person will wait to become a victim to unpleasant surprises, before taking proactive steps to be insured against unwanted events.

The fishest think ahead and defend themselves before any problem becomes too hot to handle. For instance, young and $3xually active individuals stay fit by protecting themselves from the risks of unwanted pregnancy. They take proactive steps against unwanted pregnancy by using methods like Sayana Press three month injectable or if they are involved in unprotected $3x, they use Postpill emergency pill within 24 hours.

The fishest are the individuals who want to ensure that the limited funds that they have are not depleted by uninvited mouths like babies born through unplanned pregnancy. It is better to get contraception than cry for an unwanted child.’’ Prevention is always better than cure, abeg!

In this 2017, there is no dulling o. Smart people must be sharp and remain fit like those fishes in the farm.  In Nigeria, only the fishest survive. Make sure you are one of the fishest and covered by contraception so you don’t get bogged down by any unwanted surprises aka unwanted pregnancy.  Be sharp. Stay Fit.


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