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Sunday’s are for brunch… This thread started because many people go to church without having breakfast. There are different services depending on the church you attend but in most cases churches end in the early hours of noon. After church many individuals head out for the brunch buffet at restaurants and park this means they change into much more simpler clothing.

For brunch, while your outfit might be simple, it shouldn’t be so simple that it becomes unfashionable. Yes! your brunch look must be comfortable as well as stylish.

Before we start showing you uber-chic brunch styles here are a few tips you should note;

If you are to wear jeans then you have to dress it up, like I said before your look for brunch should be dressy and not bland.

While your clothes are important, your general look is also on top of the list. Therefore you should endeavor to style your hair.

The small details matter and since you are coming out from church it is safe to assume that your manicure is in check.

Your jewelry for brunch should be something cute and simple so if you had a larger than life neck piece for service you could switch that up for brunch.

Now lets get into the ways you can style yourself for Sunday brunch;


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Brunch is your late breakfast mixed with lunch therefore you have to make sure you keep things simple and chic. Which look is your best for a Sunday brunch hangout? Tell us in the comment section below.

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