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What to wear to church has been missing but we’ve got you this Saturday… A selection of really interesting pieces have been seen and we would love to share them with you but first a few tips on how to maintain your fashion forward status for church…

  • From experience been fashionable no matter how you say you don’t follow the trends still has to do with what is trendy, granted that this millennium is a mic of styles form the 80’s and 90’s but there’s no one rocking rainbow coloured pieces from this era like that era – this goes to show that you must be aware of the way things are done in this era and that includes how church inspired attires are worn.
  • Sunday Best is such an endearing term however some people tend to mis-interpret this word. Sunday best is literally the best cloth or set’s of clothes (descent) that you have in your closet. What you wear as your Sunday best is a reflection of how thankful you are for your gift – LIFE.
  • Lastly; they say if you wear something to a place and you are not feeling comfortable ad relaxed then you shouldn’t have worn such in the first place. This is simply trying to tell you to dress moderately and appropriately so as not to attract unwanted attention.

These are the three major things to note about maintaining a fashion forward church look. Now let’s get into the idea’s we have for you…

SUNDAY Best | Outfit Look-Book 💐


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Definitely a look-book worthy of applaud; not that am blowing my own horn for creating this masterpiece, I am however proud that it’s going to help somebody this Sunday.

Be Inspired!

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