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So it rained this week, that means you have to get all your rain proof items into your bag but don’t forget your sunglasses because although it rained the day before yesterday it was really hot yesterday. The weather would always change at any given moment, so you have to be prepared for both rain and sunshine.

Not everyone is a glass prostitute (someone that has the perfect shape for any type of sunglasses), for most of us, we have to have the perfect sunglasses that would fit right. Here are some ways to figure out what sunglasses would fit the shape of your face;


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Square-Shaped Face

For ladies with a square face it is best to offset your sharp features with a round frame. A modern cat eyes sunglasses with rounded downward edge gives you a softer look. Also cat eye, aviator and butterfly shaped sunglasses works just fine.

Oval-Shaped Face

Now this is the universally known glasses prostitute, there is enough room to try anything you want from cool looks to edgier designs the style that works is practically everything from circular, rectangular, over-sized, round etc…

Round-Shaped Face 

For those of you with a round face, its best to offset your features by going for geometric shpaed eye wear. Cat eyes shaped glasses helps to soften and strengthen your features, while rectangular frames help to elongate your face.

Heart-Shaped Face

Broad brow, narrow chin is equivalent to a heart shaped face which means styles with bottom heavy frames is a good fit. You can also try shapes that are parallel and extended past the width of your face because they compliment your strong jawline, Aviators are a good option because the silhouette contrast your heart shaped face hence softening your look.

What type of sunglasses do you prefer? Share with us in the comment section below.

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