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Using your local pool, where you enjoy an endless swimming, followed by other outdoor recreational activities such as tennis and endless dips in the water with pals after about five hours of continuous sun time, your skin keeps burning as a result of this exposure.Well in this case, you must resort to beauty must-haves to protect, exfoliate, revitalize and nurture your sun-kissed skin. The sun-kissed pool lovers’ beauty essentials are;

1. Herbal bath crystal: It is pertinent to soak your sore muscles in a warm bath with the fragrant benefit of natural aromatherapy using a herbal bath crystal. Your body will feel detoxed and cleansed in no time as it is made with one hundred percent pure dead sea salt and pure essential oil.

be1 Herbal bath

Herbal bath crystal

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2. Body oil: This beauty essential will keep your skin hydrated through varied weather conditions which can often be a challenge. If your skin needs an extra exfoliation for example, use a body oil which is deliciously fragrant and readily absorbed so that it leaves you highly moisturized without feeling slippery.

be2 Body oil

Body oil

3. Long-wear sunscreen:  It is advisable to wear a long lasting sunscreen because it is pretty fabulous for a host of reasons, and here’s one: it stays on and seemingly lasts a little longer in water than most others.

be3 Sunscreen


4. Shower gel: Nothing feels better than giving yourself a good rinse after caking on the sun protection from a day at the beach. Use an all-natural product shower gel that makes a remarkably frothy bubble. It leaves no sticky residue while moisturizing skin and cools it too.

be4 Shower gel

Shower gel

5. Nail polish tool: This little tool holds your nail polish bottle securely if you are aiming to be productive in your application and give yourself a mani or pedi at the poolside, be it on a flat surface or an non-flat one. Application process goes smoother than you can imagine.

be5 nail polish tool

Nail polish tool

Remember, these are beauty essentials so, they are necessary in your life!

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