Suck Belle Make the Shirt Fine – How to Hide Big Tummy With Concealing Clothes


Well I am sure that we have all heard about Nigerians Lynxx song – “”Suck Belle Make the Shirt Fine” Guess what most of us do it. Infact some of the most glamorous female celebrities do it(that one is gist for later)

But first let us start by defining what a bulging belly is, according to Wikipedia – Abdominal distension (Bulging Belly) occurs when substances, such as air (gas) or fluid, accumulate in the abdomen causing its outward expansion beyond the normal girth of the stomach and waist.

big tummy

Hello World

Everyone has had to deal with it(even though it has had more damaging effect on some than others). We are not going to discuss the details why some ladies get belle.  However, doctors suggest that it can be caused by a list of things from child labor, inappropriate diet to too much sleeping (like really shey…)

Anywayss, at Fashion Police we have noticed that it restricts ladies from wearing clothes that are $3xy and it makes us too conscious of ourselves whenever we are out there doing our thing.

We have decided to highlight some of the easy ways to look damn good without having to suck bell

Number 1

Biko stay away from tight and skimpy clothes: Tight clothes draw so much attention to every part of your body especially your mid-section, and we don’t need any attention there. So, wearing clothes that are not too clingy will help draw attention away. If you have to wear tight clothes, you can use support garments.

Number 2

If you insist on wearing tight clothes, please Use support garments: These are undergarments that that help keep our bodies in one place ; you can personally research them yourself. These undergarments are particularly useful under tight fitting clothes as they help smooth out all the bulges and give you a more appealing appearance.

Number 3

Avoid Excessive Use Of Belts: Some belts draw attention to your belly and you definitely don’t want that. So instead you can opt for a statement neck piece or amazing hearings so as to divert all the attention there!

Number 4

Try Dark colours: Am sure you already know that everything looks great in black and white. Guess what, you even hide all that belly in a dark outfit. We retrospect dark shades too!

Now for our readers that have other ideas to suggests please let us know in your comments!!

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