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Nigeria is such a vast country and so the term “styles for native gown” might be a bit confusing but guess what, it’s not that complicated because in this case it’s more of the Ankara or lace aso ebi styles. The reason why the word native is in the picture at all is mostly because these fabrics are more significant in the Nigerian community. In many Nigerian wedding ceremonies today you would find that the Ankara and lace are the two most pronounced fabric, anywhere you turn your head you would see these fabrics being used to sew incredible styles.

Many party goers in Nigeria love the “native gown” and the reason why this “native gowns” is requested at every point is because of ease. Gowns have always been very delicate, chic and most times freeing plus you put it on and take it off at once.

The native gown style like I said can either be made with Ankara or lace fabric and so rather than bringing you separate here is pictures of both lace and Ankara gown styles.


Hello World

Native gown in Peach




Native gown in Black



The history of clothing’s is really that of covering up but that changed centuries ago and we are better for it because now people who were born to be creative can now express themselves through what they wear and that’s what is truly important. Because we are all about style it is easy to see how pretty and fabulous this native gowns styles actually are.

I’ve got my favourite, which one is yours? Tell me in the comment section below.

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