Semantics and personal preference really is the difference in referral if you ever wondered what the difference between a “Gown” and a “Dress” was. The two words can be used depending but mostly, gowns are always in reference to a more formal appearance, in other words a gown might be short or long the difference is what that gown is meant for – prom, weddings, naming ceremonies – all of this are formal events and thus you can refer to what you wear as a gown simply because they are worn for this important occasion. There are many types of ‘gowns’ that women wear for parties, balls and so on. When we go to a market to get a new attire we simply must think about where we are wearing this said outfit to. If it happens to be a wedding ceremony the whole ideas has to be most likely “Native”.

Native is the term used for anything belonging to a particular geographic location, for us in Nigeria, the word ‘native’ in fashion involves the use of two main fabrics; Ankara and Lace. While we have since adopted Velvet, George and Sequin as part of the fabrics we use to create our ‘native styles’ our main catch has always been the former. These two favored fabric have been the apple of our eyes for decades now and it’s only normal that the way they are constructed would change over time. Today we would be sharing with you styles for ‘native gowns’ that you could only have imagined in your dreams. These styles are truly fantastic, thanks to the fashion designers, we are able to see the potential of creating the most attractive native gowns if we want.

See ideas of native gown styles ranging from one-season trends to lifetime classics;


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