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As a student, you can’t be bothered with stressful looks. You want something simple and easy but then they did say students should look sharp because it affects the way their brains function. Well that’s the scientific implication and so this simple means if you’ve been rolling out of bed in the morning and simple throwing on a tee and a jeans then you should now that it only dulls your brain.

While a student shouldn’t unnecessarily prioritize fashion and make it number one in their lives it’s also important to make it a priority. Fashion is a puzzle, every day you go through your closet and look at what you have then with your eyes or sometimes by changing you figure out what to wear. This sharpens your mind and if you do this regularly before you head out to class you would find that you are alert, however it shouldn’t be done excessively a maximum of five minutes to keep your mind awake is all it takes.

What types of attires do you wear to class? Well many of us have been soaked in with the western culture but with the turn of a new dawn, we have realised that accepting the Ankara fabric as an everyday wear is accepting who we are as a people.

As a student it’s really important that you get with the program and since the future is you, it’s only wise that you swear allegiance… Okay that’s a bit much but hey, I believe that these Ankara styles are perfect for you, scroll through the gallery to see, Note that some can be gotten as a ready to wear piece from outlets or you can simple have it tailored to perfection;

Ankara styles

Hello World


Shift Dress


Maxi Dashiki


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