Some of our readers are students and we at FPN decided to bring to you some classy ways to rock your class outfits and still maintain your trendy look even as a student, Of cause your fashion style should not die because you are a student, there are a lot of outfits and combos that would show how classy you are.

1. This Diva is wearing a green skirt and a black sweat shirt she sums this up with a brown belt and a brown bag, she did the finishing touch with a leopard skin shoe. This look is totally cool and also gives you that free look, especially on a Monday that you might not be in the mood for any tight or discomforting outfit.

A green skirt,black sweat shirt and brown combo

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2. You want to be sexy and also have a simple look, this kind of class outfit is really your best bet. This is a green high waist pant and a white long sleeved shirt, she summed this up with a brown flat shoe. This brings out the sexiness even in its simplicity.

Green high waist pants and white long sleeved shirt

3. If you want to rock a blazer and still keep it simple, this class outfit is a good option, this diva sums her red blazer which she wore on a white inner and a black three-quart trouser, not forgetting her bringing it down to casualty with her ankle length white all-star, as you can see this class outfit has got no fuss, it on its own is an expression of official casualty.

Red blazer on a white inner and black high waist trouser

4. Here is a simple chic look, Tracy is rocking a white sleeveless top on a black trouser, she has on a white and black shoe on, not forgetting her bowler hat to sum it up.

The white top on a black trouser with bowler hat

5. Here Loraine is wearing a free long top, a black leggings with a boot, this class outfit is fashionable and simple at the same time, when you do not want much effort on an outfit, easy to pull on and be on the go. No much stress to this outfit.

A long top and a leggings with a black boot

6. You want to have that native look to class without looking funny, this is an example of how you can go about it, here she is wearing a long sleeved Ankara gown, free and easy to wear. This is a very cool outfit and a good way to add that touch of your culture to class.

The Ankara look

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