Stripes, Mix Prints and Some Simple Fashion Tips


Stripes, Mix Prints and Some Simple Fashion Tips

Stripes : When it comes to wearing stripes, Wear horizontal stripes if you have a slimmer body frame, it helps create the illusion of you having curves.Alternatively, vertical stripes or diagonal stripes make you look taller.

Mix prints :  Prints and patterns are even mixed in our native wear, African styles of Ankara. Never be afraid to try something bold and daring and still keep your style true to yourself, just don’t be a masquerade.

Never  over-accessorize.
Dont over do it: Fashion is a statement and not a style and it demands to be expressed aright, its an art of personal self expression. So ladies don’t over do it, Sometimes less is more, simplicity begets Elegance also. Always make a conscious effort everyday to make yourself look stylish whether its just for a quick dash to the supermarket nearby or the cinema, you never know who you’ll bump into!

We have highlighted some examples here for your consumption. Let us know how you feel about them in your comments


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