Many single women can’t wait to be married, they would even rush into it if they have their way and it doesn’t help that many people around them are getting married but its funny how they don’t see what happens beyond the wedding day itself in their insecurity they scrutinize the weddings of a past secondary school mate or a senior colleague they want to know even the tiniest details and then they ask questions and make snide remarks like when did they meet sef that they are getting married? how come he is getting married to her, she is not even fine, she is not even tall, she doesn’t have a good shape? Where is the wedding going to happen, who is planning it, is it Zapphaire, Eventful or No surprises, where did the wedding pre-shoot happen, was it in Nigeria or outside the country, Who are the vendors at the wedding, which designer is she wearing, who is the photographer Jide odukoya or Lanre Esho? and so on. The point is they don’t get to see how the marriage turns out, all that matters is which celebrity graced the occasion and how come she/he got married before them like they are involved in a race.

This marriage of a thing is not a race of any kind my people no be by who first enter, you do not need to rush because you do not know what people are facing in their marriages, take your time,pray about it because marriage is not a bed of roses oo YEAH PEOPLE PASTOR AMAKA HAS SPOKEN. In this light see this message that came into our inbox today and I thought to share with you people.



My hubby is stingy, wicked and irresponsible though he doesn’t drink or womanise but he punishes me financially and physically. I know am not perfect but God knows I try my best, he doesn’t give me money for upkeep and for our baby’s needs, he will rather buy little things that won’t be enough and I will end up spending my money on my child and am pregnant with our second baby, he saves his own money while I spend mine on taking care of the house and our baby, which agency can I report him to for him to be responsible as am tired of all these, I don’t want to divorce him cos of my child.

Dear Sister,

Hello World

Marriage is a lot of work and that means you have to be willing and able to handle a lot of things, one of the keys to a long lasting marriage is patience, That said it is really important that you determine whether or not your husband is going through a financial situation because this MIGHT be the reason why he buys little things Now  if this is the case it might also be the reason why he punishes you physically out of frustration and sadness. In this case you can talk to him kindly and understand the reason for his behavior.

But if indeed you are right with your assumptions it might be a case of a husband gone bonkers You can talk to him tho and explain how his actions affect you but if he does not change, then heading off to the nearest agency like WRAPA  should be the last step you take after setting up an intervention with his family present.

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