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I keep wondering if it’s ever possible for a lady to stay without thinking of what to wear to  particular place! Even those of us who claim never to love fashion still at least take five minutes out of the day to think of what to really wear to a particular function. This is where the opinion that they do not love fashion so much becomes limited. This is because no matter how much claims you make, you wouldn’t want to leave home looking like you just had a terrible fight with a tiger.

Same way you would think is how your little diva would want to think too. Trust my little niece in this case! She would always say, “Auntie you love fashion and neck-up (makeup) too much”…lol. You’d naturally see these little ones asking you questions on fashion and beauty. This a perfect indication that they are longing to be like you. They long to wear those lovely outfits you always rock. In most cases, you find them saying they want exactly that which you are wearing. They want to look exactly like an adult. In such cases, you can always save the situation by having them rock your type of outfit.

You too can aspire to rock or nail the min-me outfits perfectly, for some of us who haven’t gotten a clue on how to achieve this I say enough of your clueless nature; here’s how to perfectly nail the mini-me outfits because we’ve got you covered.


Hello World






Never settle for less. Always go for the best matching or mini-me outfits, as they would always make you and your little one stand out!

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