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There are some styles that are just hard to miss; the reason? Because they are standout pieces. Stand out pieces are not the normal styles you see, yes they can be generalized for example “a cold shoulder gown” or a “flared skirt” but there’s always that bit that makes it authentic to the wearer alone.

During this Era of fashion boom it is majorly hard to break out of the pre-existing trend; there are a lot of individuals who feel as though they are doing something different, and while we can attest to the fact that they have tried they still fit into the bill like everyone else.

This makes you wonder, how do these style icons do it? Of cause they do not have two heads but they believe in their personality and spontaneity and general taste, this all combined together helps them to create styles that suit their characteristics.

Uniqueness in this time can be seen clearly as a theme that runs throughout but when you look closely you can see that the act of being Unique in itself is a thread that is common and ropes most things together.

Now how do you go about achieving a stand out piece? First let me point you in the direction of the Ankara; Known as a common cloth it could be said that everyone wears the same random Ankara material and thus its not unique but the great thing about all fabrics is the simple fact that it was created to exist for thousands.

What an individual does with the fabric laid in his/her hands is what is referred to as authenticity because this is purvey to mood, likes, habits etc. Once you have realized that a particular fabric wasn’t made for you, then you can simply move into determining how you can make that fabric reflect you.

Now that you’ve come to the conclusion, you would see that there are no boundaries… A standout Ankara piece is something that stand’s out among its peer, yes the Ankara fabric is cut out of a roll and yards of material and yes you can personalize it;

Its not a far-fetched theory, standout Ankara pieces are real, check some of them out below:


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