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We can’t stop talking around the new collection of Ankara styles that have been making rounds on the internet and guess what? We do not wish to stop talking about it, how can we though when these Ankara styles are absolutely fantastic.

The Ankara fabric has made its way towards being one of the most used fabrics in the world. It even made its way into the high end fashion (yup! some Ankara outfits are pretty pricey) and of cause we are here for it.

Since the fabric is making this much waves in the fashion industry, your hope should be on finding the right style that would suit your choice African print material. If you have an Ankara fabric at home and you have set your mind to making the most out of it then you are on the right post because we are here to help you maintain and provide you with a fashion forward wider array of trendy Ankara styles to choose from.

Inclusive in the fashion industry and the recession are the two shifts we need to thank for exposing us to how fabulous and versatile the Ankara fabric truly is. The Ankara is a welcome change from the previous status-quo and we believe that this welcome change would most certainly be sipped into our culture and lifestyle so much that it becomes more than a staple.

Without much ado, here are some of the standout Ankara pieces that we’ve scoured below. Keep scrolling through to find the one that would work best for you:

Clarice B

Hello World

Kristia Tolode


Obi Sky


Toyosi Clay

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