The life of a career girl is exciting- striving for success, chasing goals, topping your personal achievement chat and of cause the reward of your efforts is a feeling that can’t be compared. The features of a career girl includes being such a busy bird, energized by a challenge, being aware of your surrounding and getting your skills updated. One other feature is that career girls have to be stylish. There’s nothing has fabulous as being a sophisticated woman, who steps into a meeting in such a look that commands eyes to turn even before she speaks.The crown of such strong aura is the attention of everyone in the room.

Smart and tailored are they key words to take note of when you have to style your corporate outfit. While you know that you have to play with your looks you must make sure that you thick every checklist. By now, you already have attires but you need a step-by-step guide on easy ways to dress up to work.

Easy guide to your corporate outfit idea…

Ruffles as a bit of flavour..


Hello World

Leopard print for a wild and powerful feel 


Colour Block to add that feminine spice.


Flared ruffled pants to show off your glam side


Puffy Sleeve with ruffle and flare details for a chic vibe.


Plaid shirt for that respectful look.


Monochrome combination to ‘catch attention’.


Be Inspired!

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