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I figure many of us are still in our offices right now and so I thought to myself, today is Friday and Friday equals hang out with friends, what look would be good for a Friday like this. This thought is has prompted me to go in search of the perfect makeup look to try out this night.

Fridays are for fun and while I believe that you have to look hot and glamorous am also of the opinion that you should look adorable too.

Soft Glam

Hello World

There are different types of makeup that suits different types of hangout, depending on who you have a date with your look can go from soft to fierce. Today however we are all about the soft glam Friday night makeup.

The Soft glam Friday night makeup is just a simple makeup that uses less products, its not your everyday makeup because there are more layers of products involve but its not extremely heavy either.

Soft Glam

Soft Glam

A soft glam makeup gives you a fresh face, something that bothers between an innocent and yet sexy look, something that says I am a sweetheart but I’ve got depth.

How do you achieve a soft glam Friday night makeup? Well for starters you need to have the right shade of product and next you need to watch this tutorial video;

Soft Glam

I love these glamorous look, what do you think… I know you love these soft glam look, don’t you? Tell me in the comment section below.

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