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It’s time to learn another trick on how to transform yourself. I’ve been in several situations whereby I couldn’t get hold of a makeup artiste and the easiest and wisest thing I could do was to make myself up but this skill doesn’t just come in a day it comes from practice.The fact that today I can make myself up is an added advantage and I believe it would be to you too. If you are a learner then click here to watch these beginner friendly makeup tutorial.

Stephanie Ani

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Transforming your face takes a certain type of skill and the idea of what you want to look like. For someone like me I’d rather a more natural toned makeup and that’s why am in love with this soft brown smokey eye makeup tutorial. I believe that makeup is the tool to enhance your beauty and nothing more but am not against those who like to change up their face.

Making up is an art which involves different parts of your face but we are focusing on a particular part. They say your eyes is the doorway to the soul, therefore if you want people to be able to see you, you’ve got to make sure that your eyes look popping as opposed to being dull. When you wear eye makeup it enhances your look in such a way that it livens up your entire face.


Let’s watch this video tutorial that celebrity makeup artiste Stephanie Ani shared, this video shows us how to achieve a soft brown smokey eye makeup. In the video Stephanie finishes off with a glossy red lip to show you that you can wear this look during the day or at night, isn’t that splendid…

Step 1

Source Youtube Stephanie Ani

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