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We all love plantain, I even saw a meme on instagram of plantain where it said plantain was Gods gift to man. Well everything is God’s gift to man, but plantain is one of those tops gifts. I’ve always been fascinated with the plant, remember when we did food and nutrition as a topic in biology and then our teacher said unripe plantain gives you iron (as a nutrient) and ripe plantain gives you carbohydrate, how cool is that, a fruit that gives you different nutrients at different stages.

Since plantain is so cool, you can make dishes and snacks from both the ripe and unripe version of it, today we would be showing you a short video on how to make plantain chips. This video is from food blogger Ronke Edoho (Naijafoodie) and it shows you in 39 seconds how to make the unripe plantain chips we all love to chew on. So if you’ve ever wondered how to make this lovely snack then here’s how;


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What you’ll need;

  • Unripe Plantain (as much as you like)
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Frying pan or Deep fryer
  • Onions (Optional)
  • Sieve

How to prepare

  1. Slice open your plantain with a knife and peel the back away
  2. Use a slicer or a knife to cut thin slices in any shape or for that you want.
  3. Add a bit of black pepper and salt
  4. Set the stove to medium heat and place the frying pan along side vegetable oil.
  5. Allow to heat then pour in some sliced onion(this gives it an amazing taste and smell), allow onions fry for 5 seconds then take onions out.
  6. Pour in the first batch and fry till it looks crispy.

Plantain chips preparation video; Naijafoodie

The plantain chips is read and Yes its very simple and easy and you can use semi ripe plantain if you don’t like the taste of the unripe plantain only.

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