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Dry season is already knocking on our doors. Although it’s a period we enjoy as it reminds us of the yuletide, but equally threatens us with very dry and flaky skin. With everything under control, we are always able to overcome this hard time on our skin. Although persons that have  got an oil slick on their foreheads aren’t so scared of this Now, if you’ve got this type of skin, instead of adding on even more products maybe to improve or correct those combination problems, there are slightly crazy new tricks you can try. The simple name given to these tricks is called “skin fast”.

The skin fast works in this way; just like elimination diets give you a baseline state to test individually problematic foods, a skin fast does the same for allergenic face products. Thus, you may have mild breakouts early in the week, but once your skin adjusts, it will definitely be back to its natural state soon enough. Then you can slowly re-introduce products to see which is the culprit of those flaky cheek patches and pesky chin zits. Thus, skin fast is the solution to all your beauty problems this season. Here’s how you can undergo a skin fast;

1. Washing Your Face:

To wash your face, you should try cleansing it with a dab of extra-virgin coconut oil and wash twice a day. When you are done with this, go ahead to moisturize as needed with more coconut oil.

Facial wash

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2. Non-usage Of Beauty Products:

You should also stop using all beauty products during this skin fast, including cleanser, toner, serums, moisturizer and makeup for close to one week. Although this sounds completely crazy, but strive to do it and see what your skin truly needs.

No skin products

3. Daily Water Intake:

Aim to drink a gallon of water a day and eat healthy  too. This would not only aid the success of the skin fast, but will also give your skin that glow it truly needs.

Water intake

As always, you will thank yourself for embarking on this skin fast. Your skin will do the same too!

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