It’s official I have witnessed the hottest season yet- if this is not a tell tale sign that global warming is real then I don’t know what. Either way we have no time to dilly dally thanks to this hot weather, there are few protective measure’s that we need to take now when it comes to our skin.

Skin Care

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The importance of protecting the skin from the harsh rays of the sun cannot be over emphasized in short aside from all the other tips we are about to give out, you must make sure that you are well protected from harmful exposure – a sun hat and shade should be with you always. There is an importance of adjusting with the times and protecting your skin all year round, from the food you eat to the temperature of the water you bathe in and the type of cleansers you use here are a few bad habits that you need to rid yourself off this hot season;

  • The simple pleasure of a hot shower on a hot day is a no no as in compromises the skin barrier. Keep the water lukewarm so as to avoid drying and overly irritating of the skin.
  • We love to exfoliate but there is such a thing as over-exfoliating and it is imperative not to go overboard. Make sure to use a gentle exfoliant once a week as opposed to everyday.
  • Diets in high glycerin shouldn’t be taken much of instead, store food that would kick your glow into high gear instead.
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