Sizzle With The Natural Or Faux DreadLocks Hairstyle


Dreadlocks is an amazing hairstyle whether you choose to carry it faux pas or you stick to trying to grow it natural. dreadlocks hairstyle are matted hairs and you can imitate that lock by using synthetic weave.

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There are definitely a lot of ladies out there that have the idea that dreadlocks are really hard to style and since its a hairstyle that you have to carry for a while they feel they cannot handle one hairstyle for too long because it would become ultimately boring.

Indeed nobody likes the restriction of one hairstyle over a long period so if you are one of those set of ladies that have run out of ways to style their dreads this is for you and also those ladies who are looking for a more challenging hairstyle. Below are some amazing ways you can rock the dreadlocks hairstyle


The easiest way to add funk to your dreadlocks hairstyle or any hairstyle at all is to dye it.

Here this war-locked sister  carries her blond, gold and brown faux dreadlocks in a  candy-cane style which is made by using two or more colors twisted together in order to give it a  candy-cane like effect.


Hello World

This natural dreadlocks hairstyle is dyed candy-caned style mixing shades of blond and brown to give it the blended effect. Then it is style in puff twisted rolls.


This war-locked sister wears her red colored dyed dreadlocks to the side in a twisted form.


This blond dreadlocks hairstyle is styled in a fascinating twist.


This synthetic weave made to look like real dreads are made from a blend of different colors to create a more appealing and subtle tone. This weave was braided in and is styled in a twisted bun up-do.

faux dread

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See how war-locked sisters style their dreadlocks hairstyle

This dreadlocks hairstyle is packed in an up-do bun and brought to the edge.


This gorgeously twisted dreadlocks hairstyle is twisted from the bottom to the top, definitely a way to spice up your dreadlocks look.


This war-locked sister has her dreadlocks in a very unique twist.


This is a simple blended dreadlocks hairstyle as it is spiced up with two colors.


This war-locked sister keeps her dreadlocks hairstyle very natural as she maintains the simple black hair color and wears it down in a very natural style.


This is about my best, shows that older gorgeous women can as well rock this look. This natural dreadlocks hairstyle is dyed into a gray and white ombre mixture to give it an awesome effect.


This dreadlocks Hairstyle is packed up in a bun up-do, the perfect way to wear dreads on a wedding day.


This dreadlocks hairstyle is styled in a huge bun up-do.


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