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Food is a life force and although some may say some food are bad for you, the truth is simpler “Everything is bad when you take it in excess”. Now that we have established that fact lets move on to the topic of the day.

As Nigerians and African’s, the palm oil is something that we thrive on, we literally cannot go without using it for many of our dishes. Now according to fitness and health experts, the palm oil isn’t bad but as usual do not take it in excess. For me this means you have to look for creative ways to make some of your meals that require the use of the palm oil.

One of this meals we use the palm oil a lot for is Beans. Now for most people around the world beans is prepared in a soup type of way without using any type of oil but for us we don’t prepare it any other way than with the addition of palm oil and the TRUTH- you don’t always need palm oil to be able to make beans.

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Beans is one of the healthiest food we have and so it very much needs to be on your diet, you should at least have it once a week and so rather than getting tired of the usual way you make it, watch this video on how to make palm oil-less beans.

Sisi Yemmie takes us on a journey, exposing us to another creative way of cooking beans… Watch the video below;

Are there other ways you prepare beans without the use of palm oil? Share with us in the comment section below, we would like to be in on your secret.

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