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You know we love sisi yemmie here at Madivas, the woman is a genius when it comes to Nigerian food recipe and you best believe she’s armed us with another one, the Banga Rice recipe. A typical Nigerian from the south Eastern/Eastern parts of the country and a bit of the South Souths know what Banga is, although prepared and eaten differently, the sauce is a staple in many Nigerian homes.

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The banga is created differently for different purposes; one is used to eat rice and the other with a thicker consistency is used for starch, eba and other swallow. The one used in eating rice is most popular and is part of the list of foods you can find on the streets. However Sisi Yemmie’s banga rice is more of a ‘jollof’ form and that’s something that I’ve never seen before although she say’s this is an updated form of what she had at a restaurant not so long ago. Anyways enjoy the video and learn.

To follow this unique recipe here’s what you’ll need:

For the Peppered Turkey 

Fried Turkey
Seasoning Cube & Salt
Tomato paste (blended fresh pepper & tomatoes)

For The Banga Rice

Banga Paste
Cray Fish
Grounded Uziza Seed
Salt & Seasoning
Dried Prawns
Scent Leaves (Effirin)

Watch Sisi Yemmie prepare the Banga Rice Recipe… 🍊

Source: YouTube Channel | Sisi Yemmie TV 

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