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A cute wedding dress is not enough to make you dazzle on your special day. You need cute pair of shoes and accessories to complement your looks too. You should always bear in mind, the fact that whatever you need for your wedding ought to begin from your hair. As it has always been said, hair is the glory of a woman thus, it should be one of the most important elements for your wedding day look.

A hair accessory can add a little fancy to any hairstyle. Forgetting to purchase a hair accessory for your wedding or misplacing it shouldn’t be an excuse not to look dashing in your bridal attire. Although if any of these should be the case, you can easily get handy with a beautiful DIY simplicity pearl hairpin for an elegant bridal look. The materials are easy to get and it is super easy to make.

These are the materials needed for your pearl hairpin;

  • Wire
  • Pearl beads
  • Super glue
  • Plier
  • Hair pins


Hello World

To start this process, simply cut your wire to fit your beads and a little extra to tie at the end. In earnest, make your wire long so as to be left plenty to tie at the end. Then string your beads onto the wire, place a tiny amount of super glue to one side of the stringed bead, and hold the beads together for a few seconds. Do this to other pearl beads. The super glue will help hold the beads together so as to ensure extra stability.

h2 diy-hair-accessories-pearl-hairpins-1096-int


Go ahead to wrap one end of the wire to the end of the bobby pin and tie. After this, place the pearl beads along the top of your pin, pull the wire tight, and securely tie it. Also cut excess wire then, set aside to dry the glue. This is exactly what your pearl hairpin looks like;

h4 diy-hair-accessories-pearl-hairpins-73-int

Pearl hair pin


What are you waiting for? Just adorn your hair with your pearl hairpin. You’ll thank your stars you could get handy with these. Trust me!

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