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I had an epiphany this weekend as I stared at my closet, it came to my attention that I indeed needed to get rid of some things. Early in the year I had taking time to declutter my closet but staring at it over the weekend made me realize I didn’t do it properly because I began to see stuffs bi should have gotten rid of and then I wondered why they were still in my closet.

I pride myself in having a well arranged closet but sometimes that doesn’t work out and this is because there are so many items in there that I do not need so what am I to do? Do I just shut the closet and walk away No! instead I would declutter it by doing the following so make sure you really put your mind into this article, it would help you in more ways than one.



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These are the ways you can declutter your closet;

  • First you need to set time aside, next is to get boxes or a clean bin bag.
  • Take everything out of your closet and put them into a pile, remember though to keep them separate e.g shoes, panties, bra etc.
  • Next you need to sort this pile divide into three, the one you want to keep, throw out and give out.
  • Then clean and dust the ones you want to put back, get your laundry basket and put those that smell rusty from staying too long in your closet in it.
  • Organize your closet to make it easy for you to navigate and when you are done enjoy the sight of your accomplishment.

Now this simple steps is one of the ways you can declutter your closet, there are other items/products you can get that would help you navigate easily.

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