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Many of you have issues finding the right eye-shadow for your eye-makeup; generally for some women makeup applications can be compared to drawing on a curved piece of paper with a slightly rough texture. While many women find it easy to go about their makeup application, dark skinned women always find that makeup is not as easy when you have limited options

While it may be quite challenging to get the perfect products or to understand the right application technique or to follow the tricks and tips you shouldn’t just give up- they say practice makes perfect and so practicing would ultimately lead you to perfection however while you are it you should search out tips that would show you what goes and what doesn’t when it comes to makeup application.


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Makeup is your beauty ally whether you choose to see it or not and eye-makeup is something that you just can’t get away with. When your eye-makeup is applied wrongly it goes on to mess up your entire face and then renders all your work almost useless or useless if you can’t do anything to salvage the application.

Mother nature provided you with this luscious color and so mother nature expects you to take care of it, therefore you should find ways to make sure that you apply your makeup correctly especially your eye makeup. One of the colors on the eye-shadow palette that is always terribly applied is the “silver hue”. Unlike most color silver is very present and so if you do not blend it properly you may end up looking like a 6 year old applied your makeup. Here’s how to apply Silver eye-makeup…

Watch Ellarie’s Silver Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial;

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