There is always that one person that makes you feel the way you have never felt before, it can be overwhelming when you have this strong urge towards that person that you don’t even know how to explain. You are confused why you feel this way towards this person and you are sure you don’t love this person because you feel you will know when you are in love but you can’t seem to place this feeling, this signs will help you know if you are in love with that person or not. Continue reading to see;


Hello World

  • When you are away from this person, you miss him immediately. Every moment you spend with this person means so much that you miss him when he is not around.
  • You care less about your past relationship, you put people you have dated behind you, they no longer matter to you and you don’t stay in touch with them or check up on them.
  • You love spending time with him, you seem to never get tired of spending time with this person.
  • Other priorities are no longer as important as they used to be, this person is now your priority and the things that used to be important are now on the back burner.
  • Every little thing reminds you of him, little details makes you think about this person even when you are walking on the road or doing daily activities.
  • You find their flaws inspiring, things that they them-self do not like about themselves, you think it is sweet.
  • You are comfortable talking to them about anything, you can share your thoughts and feelings to this person without feeling uncomfortable.
  • You always forgive when you are mad at them, love can be passionate both in good and bad. You may argue with this person but you can not stop making up and be happy.
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