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Its time to snatch your edges back from the devil… Lol. Sometimes I wonder about the terms floating about the hairstyle community however, I do understand the need to take back control of your baby hair or at least try out hairstyles that would show them off.

If you spend and have spent so much time trying to grow your edges or perhaps you are blessed with a lot of baby hairs then the next thing would be to find ways to style your hair in ways that your edges would get the attention.

Now that mainstream culture has recognized what has traditionally and culturally originally been rocked by the black and Latina sub-cultural communities, many of the people of the world are having feats just trying out several styling tricks.

What are baby hairs though? If after all the above epistle and you are still yet to know then here’s a short description- see those tiny long, short or curly hair that just seems to sleep on their own sometimes? Yes those one’s; well those are your baby hairs and they followed you from your childhood into your adult hood.

Therefore in other to make them look extra nice here are several hairstyles as well as ways in which you can snatch those edges, making it look totally natural…


Hello World







You can clearly see that you can make yourself look like “Magic” when you snatch those edges… Which look has a more natural vibe? Tell us in the comment section below.

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