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You only have yourself to please right? Wrong, when it comes to wedding ceremonies you have to please the couples indirectly by showing up to their wedding in a catchy and fabulous style.

Every once in a while, we get invited to weddings and it is expected that we look good, and of course as we all know “looking good is good business” therefore much thought and effort should be put into our hair and makeup as well and most importantly our outfits.

Right now in the aso ebi scene, full length and floor sweeping pieces are the number one choice, most people love a good length, something to cover their ankles, however, there are times when we need to do things differently, think outside the box if you will.

By attempting something different, you would realize that there are so much more options that you didn’t see before, one of such option is the short aso ebi styles.

“Loves high fashion, but appreciates a timeless presentation with a modern twist”

These words are the perfect representation of a short aso ebi style. The short aso ebi styles are uncommon but they are timeless and can become an attraction if sewn correctly. They are the best option when you know you can’t bear to wear floor sweeping outfits.

We’ve uncovered some fabulous short aso ebi styles that we believe you need to see;

Oma Wonder

Hello World




@mz_moh dress





Whats your take on these short aso ebi styles? Tell us in the comment section below.

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