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There is so much to be learnt when it comes to taking care of your shoes, although you might say you’ve learnt some things along the line but there are still so much more hacks you can learn from the comfort of your home. There are so many things we do to our shoes that are a complete No No like;


Hello World

  • Washing sneakers in a washing machine ruins the quality of the shoe right from the base because it causes the base to unglue.
  • Always protect your shoe like  using scotchgard on suede or getting a rubber sole before wearing new shoes because this will give them a longer life span.
  • Wearing suede shoes in a rainy or muddy condition damages the shoe because a suede can never go back to its original state once its damaged.
  • Over wearing shoes Damages our shoes and this is our fault, please keep your heels away from un-tarred roads especially pencil heel shoe.
  • Shoes need fresh air like we do, so do not leave them in the closet for too long make sure they are in an open area, for your white sneakers always air dry it at least twice a week don’t leave it in the plastic bag till when you want to wear it.

Hope you’ve learnt something guys, make sure you take proper care of your shoes hence forth.

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