I live in Lagos and one thing I have observed with my fellow Lagosians is that we are very impatient. Recently, I boarded a bus and while the conductor/ driver was calling out for passengers, he quietly implied that he was not going to follow the regular route to our destination. Before he could finish speaking, several passengers quickly alighted from the bus and joined the next bus on the queue. Interestingly, the second bus even left before ours could get filled up with passengers.

In traffic, the impatience of Lagosians is prominent. Car drivers honk their horns as if any one second delay could put their business or lives in eternal jeopardy. Nobody likes to wait especially in a fast food joint where Lagosians expect to be served within nanoseconds. My Lagos people, make una take life easy, abeg!

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But you cannot expect any less. Lagosians believe time is money. On some public vehicles, you will see interesting slogans like ‘Time waits for no man’. Lagosians don’t wait for anybody. They don’t like slow drivers, talkers or learners. In fact, if you act inexperienced in any manner, you are asked in a condescending way, ‘You be learner? Meaning, are you a dull person?’ Lagosian believe that you must be sharp to survive its fierce life.

Last year, when I travelled to another city in Nigeria, I observed that people took their time in carrying out their duties. Even the driver who took us to and from the airport said he gets up at about 7:30 am and never feels the need to rush. He vowed that he would never leave in a place like Lagos. With the need for speed exhibited by Lagosians, it is no surprise that they would carry it to their contraceptive life. If they want contraception, they want it now, now. Meaning that if they desire any contraceptive service or product, you must give them a fast contraception immediately!

The answer to Lagosians need for fast contraception has been answered in Sayana Press. Sayana Press is a fast three-month injectable that is easy to inject.  Just be administered one Sayana Press injection every three months and you are covered. It has a small needle and comes in a pre-filled syringe which makes it easy to use and less painful. Great news for those who run away at the sight of the long needle. Sayana Press is discreet and one injection gives you contraceptive protection for three solid months. It is also reversible, so you can get pregnant soon after it is removed.

If your desire is a fast contraception that can give you a longer contraceptive protection than your Fiesta premium condoms or Levofem daily pills, then use Sayana Press and get your peace of mind.

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